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Put Bioredex amazing, friendly bacteria to work

Bioredex International, Inc. is the source for premium, cost-effective bioremediation products for home, commercial, and institutional use. Our products aid in the process of natural biodegradation whereby enzymes and non-pathogenic bacteria supplement or restore waste-digesting organisms essential for maintaining clean waste-water environments, from household plumbing and septic tanks to commercial kitchen grease traps to municipal septic fields and lagoons. Environmentally safe for humans, plants, and animals. Unlike highly toxic and generally ineffective acid-based solutions, our products are non-hazardous, non-flammable, non-caustic and non-polluting.

Our biological treatments are only sold online and through selected service providers - they are not available on store shelves. Bio-Clean®, MegaMicrobes™ and other Bioredex products are designed to contain more and higher quality bacterial strains as demonstrated repeatedly in independent testing. Don't confuse our formulas with off-the-shelf cleaning products labeled as "biological" but without the same strength, stability, and effectiveness. We don't produce these in mass quantities to stock retail warehouse and big box store shelves, but rather in highly controlled laboratory batches to ensure quality.  All Bioredex products are made in the U.S.A.

Keeping Commercial Kitchens Clean

restaurant_kitchen_steel_150The biggest problem in food management today is grease. Fats, oils, and grease (FOG) clog waste water systems, lift stations and pipelines. Untreated grease traps need frequent pumping, emit obnoxious odors and can cause grease overflows resulting in unsafe sanitary conditions and failed inspections.

 Regular application of Bioredex MegaMicrobesTM will reduce the build-up of solids and odors in restaurant kitchens, and help owners avoid costly compliance fines and plumbing repairs. Learn more about biological treatment of grease traps.

Residential Use

2-pound Bio-Clean and 64-ounce MegaMicrobes liquid, exlcusively from BioredexWaste put down kitchen and bath drains builds up in pipes. Build-ups lead to back-ups, slow draining, and bad odors emanating from sinks, showers, and even dishwashers.

Further downline, excess waste can overwhelm septic tanks and local sewer lines, which in turn increases stress on and maintenance costs for municipal water treatment systems.

Learn more about Bio-Clean and MegaMicrobes natural drain cleaners.

Restoring & Maintaining Septic Fields


Bioredex for repair and maintainance of septic tanks and fieldsOveruse of chemicals and antibacterial agents in home and commercial cleaning processes as well as excess amounts of waste often degrade and overwhelm the waste elimination action of naturally occurring organisms.

The use of Bioredex products for restoration followed by regular maintenance treatments can reduce backups, costly physical repairs to pipes and tanks, and in many cases, the need to extend land areas to contain waste.

Learn more.

Restoring Polluted Ponds

Bioaugmentation to effectively restore waste water lagoonsBioredex products are also suitable for any type of pond restoration where sludge deposits have accumulated and are causing problems. Bioredex is will not harm resident fish, fowl, or other aquatic life forms.

Contained waste water lagoons adjacent to livestock pens or food processing plants are intended to collect organic waste and allow it to degrade away from ground water and surrounding soil. 

With an applied restoration (bioaugmentation) program and regular maintenance with MegaMicrobes Liquid, Ammoniox, or Bio-Clean,  these lagoons can be kept in a much healthier state of biodegradation, leading to reduced accumulations of nitrates, solid waste and attendant odors. This can result in making the facility a much cleaner component of its local surroundings and community.

PurchasE Bio-Clean, MegaMicrobes and other Bioredex Natural Drain Cleaner online and save for direct purchase of Bio-Clean and MegaMicrobes
drain and septic cleaning products.
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